Sunday, December 13, 2015

New Years Giveaway! $50 Gift Card *Citi Trends*

             Come one, come all. There's a new giveaway in town! Starting tomorrow and going until January 1, 2016 @11:59 pm. My Influenster Journey is giving away a $50 gift card to Citi Trends! How exciting?! So in case you get bad gifts or just feel like you deserve to be pampered a little after all the gift giving you've done, enter to win this for yourself! 
Citi Trends has everything from women's, men's, and children's clothes, to toys, household items, shoes, and handbags. They have a wide variety of items to choose from. Here is an example of a handbag they sell that I thought was just darling, and a few pair of sexy shoes. ;) 
This giveaway is in no way sponsored, I just wanted to pass the love along to one lucky reader! To see what they currently have on their website, click here! Below you will find a gleam widget for entering the contest. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
**Note, gift card will be mailed the day after the giveaway ends! It is for in store use only.**

New Years Giveaway!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lake City Amusement Park *Guntersville, Alabama*Opens April of 2016

              Lake City Amusement Park
      Opening April of 2016 in Guntersville, Alabama. 
(Not a ride at this park, used as example)
Lake City Amusement Park is located at 302 Reed Rd. in Guntersville, Alabama. This 70 acre park is going to bring a great deal of revenue to the area, while offering an amazing time for families. There are a good mixture of Thrill rides and Kiddie rides alike. Some of these thrill rides include:
Giant Wheel
This huge Ferris Wheel contains 18 different Gondolas for people to ride in, and an impressive LED light show. 
Zero Gravity
This ride allows you to spin around fast enough to achieve "zero gravity" all while the rider is in a standing position.
The Frenzy is a giant swing that sways 40 feet above the ,midway, offering an interesting view and a good deal of a rush!
Pirate Ship
Swing and sway on this beautiful ship piloted by a wild pirate and a beautiful enchanted mermaid at the hull.  
Cliff Hanger
The cliff hanger allows the rider to lay flat (as if they're really hang gliding) while the ride spins and swoops. This is probably my favorite ride!
This ride swings you around 65 mph in semi circles and makes for quite the fun ride if you enjoy fast and thrilling rides!
The Fireball is basically a giant ring (think roller coaster that only goes in circles!) that spins you to 40 feet in the air and back around many times.  Make sure to hold onto your hat!
There are also Kiddie Rides for those who are too tiny for the thrill rides. They are as follows:
Puppy Roll
The Puppy Roll has four puppies that you can be seated in as it rotates in circles, all the while you are in control of how much spin happens in your individual puppy!
Orient Express
This adorable Oriental Dragon mini-coaster is fun for kids and parents alike. It's just like a roller coaster, only mini for the little ones to enjoy some amusement park fun!
The quads are probably the best kiddie ride in my opinion. They come equipped with real horns and lights! Who doesn't love noise makers? Especially when you get to ride without the fear of getting dirty! 
(A reflection of the Orient, The Wheel, and the Area 51)
Let's not forget food! The best part of an Amusement Park is always the food. From savory treats to sweet delights, there's something for everyone at Lake City Amusement Park! 
There will be a Water Park built in the future as well, something else to look forward to! If you'd like more information on the park, you can visit their facebook page here! You can also visit their beautifully created website here!  So, check it out and spread the word! A new family fun adventure will be here soon!

Target Beauty Box (Men and Womens) Review!

Target Beauty Box - December/Winter Edition!

   Beauty sub boxes continue to grow in popularity. Target followed suit with their own box! I finally managed to get my hands on one Men's box and one Women's box before they sold out (I have been trying since they started.) 
   The Men's box was $5 which is a heck of a deal for the man in your life. 
$5 for all this, I feel like this is definitely a steal. It shipped in a beautiful heavy duty cardboard like box. Perfect for wrapping, if you can wait that long. The items included are as follows:

Gillette Clinical Wave Deoderant which claims to offer 48 hour protection from sweat and odor. ERV $11.97 at 
Axe Shower Gel Deluxe sample  promising revitalizing fragrance and a nice lathered clean!
ERV:$3.59 (for a full size) 
Up&Up 5 Blade System Razor which offers a double coated blade edge and one heck of a close shave.
ERV: $8.19 at Target
Dove Men + Care Body and Face Wash deluxe sample offering micromoisture technology for clean soft skin.
ERV: $.59
Degree Men Adventure Dry Spray a woodland scented dry deodorant. 
ERV: $4.99 at Target 
Estimated value of this box: $26.33 and I only paid $5.00!

Onto the women's box!
This box was $10, and included 8 products. 
All the products were as follows:
Hair Food Dry Shampoo which is paraben and sulphate free! And it smells like kiwi, and who doesn't love kiwi?! 
CoverGirl Star Wars Lipstick in the shade 30 full size these are Ltd. edition for the new Star Wars movie. There are 6 shades available. Mine happened to be the burgundy shade with shimmers in it.
ERV: $5.99 at target 
Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara full size it promises to give your lashes instant volume and curl.
ERV: $7.49
CeraVe Eye Repair Cream Sample size supposed to hydrate the skin and repair any damage around your eyes.
ERV: around $3 or $4
Goody Ouchless Elastic Sweat Stretch sample size (3 bands)  promises to be moisture-wicking, allowing for a sweat free ponytail. 
ERV: I'm guessing $1-$2 
Pacifica Love Eyeshadow Trio Full size coconut infused as all of their products are. A beautiful little trio.
ERV: $8.99
Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream I believe sample size. Gives you 24 hours of hydration!
ERV: around $10 for a 20mi sample
Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Cream Full size I believe. 10 layers of moisturization and wrinkle erasing magic! 
ERV: $9.99
Total Value of this box $58.45 and it only costed $10.00!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below with any questions or suggestions!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Nordstrom Rack (mini) Haul!

   Okay, of all the beauty groups I frequent on facebook I kept hearing about this magical place called Nordstrom Rack. Every time I'd hear it my curiosity would peak. I searched far and wide and lo and behold we have ONE whole Nordstrom Rack store in all of Tennessee, located in Brentwood, Tennessee (a little out piece of Nashville.) So when I went for my last oncology appointment, we snuck off to this magical land of Nordstrom Rack! I had hope to find UD palettes (since I won none!) But to no avail. I did find a few pretties though.
   I picked up a Toofaced single shadow in Cop A Teal. It's a pretty (incandescent almost) shimmery shade of teal. It is gorgeous! They go for around $19, but I scored this one for $4.97! That's a massive discount.
Next up, I was searching for UD palettes but they had none :(. My husband knew how badly I wanted one, so when he saw UD 24/7 liquid liners he ushered me over pretty quickly. I ended up getting Siren. It's a beautiful turquoise-ish shade. I found it for $4.99! 
They did have quite a few different palettes there. Smashbox, Stila, and Lorac, from what I gathered. I ended up picking up a Stila "The Natural" palette since I own nothing from Stila yet either. All of these shadows are so creamy and buttery, I just couldn't get over that. It came with 6 shadows, a bronzer, and an all over shimmer. 
And the last palette I picked up was the Lorac 'The resort Palette'. I believe it was a special at Ulta at some point. I picked it up for $14.00 anyway. It's a decent little palette. It came with 6 eye shadows, 2 blushes, a bronzer, and a highlighter. Can't beat Lorac quality for that price!
Over all I'd say this was a decent score for $40 bucks. I definitely cannot wait to go back to Nordstrom Rack, they've gained a lifetime customer.
If you know of things they carry that you think I should try, leave a comment below and let me know, or any other comments or concerns. <3
 **This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money.**

Monday, May 25, 2015

The beginning of a sub box addiction!

   Everyone has known someone who's mentioned subscription boxes, or bought one or two. I tried Birchbox for a while, but even with the amazing points system- I grew tired of tiny samples. They were totally worth the $10 a month, just not what I desired in a sub box. So, then came Ipsy and Lip Monthly. Ipsy is $10 also, and again small sample sizes, but worth every penny and then some if you're out to try many brands. Lip Monthly on the other hand, let's just say they got their customer service skills from sharks. They want to take your money and send you broken or expired lip products. No thanks! That brings us to Boxy Charm.
   This company claims to send 4 to 5 full size or deluxe samples each month for $21, and the value is quite a bit more normally. I was sold on full sized. I received my first box mid May. I looked at all the sneak peeks, so I already knew what I was getting, but I was excited nonetheless.
   Mays theme was Bold & Beautiful, and they encouraged going beyond your comfort zones. Here is a list of the products in this box (photos included).
  1. ModelCo Bronze Shimmer (full size) retails for $22.
It's said that it's perfect for creating a warm tan with a hint of shimmer. As scare as shimmer bronzer sounds, it's actually not too overpowering. You can find this bronzer at www,

   2.  The Lip Bar Lipstick (full size) retails for $20- in the color Purple Rayne.
A blend of vitamin E, Shea butter, and avocado oil, they definitely leave the lips moisturized, while leaving you with a nice wash of color. With just one swipe, you get a hint of color. With 2 or more swipes, it becomes a beautiful opaque purple. The packaging is to die for. The lipstick even comes in a soft protector pouch. Photo below of swatches (1 swipe vs 2 swipes)

   3. Bodycology Essential Brow Trio (full size) retails for $19. 
For those of you who can't leave the house without doing your brows, this is one of those products you must have! There is a shade for every skin-tone / complexion.

4. Bodycology Brow Brush (full size) retails for $19. 
This is a dual ended brush. One end has the slanted end perfect for applying the powders to your brows, the other end has a spoolie for distributing the color better.You can find these at I will leave a photo below to show the beautiful packaging. 
****(pictured above with the trio)
   5. Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish (full size) retails for $18. Color- Sunset Blvd
It claims to be quick drying, chip resistant, and long lasting. It's also vegan-friendly which I love. It's an orangey-coral color, perfect for spring and summer. 

   The Verdict? I was highly impressed with BoxyCharm. This is my new go to sub box. The over all value of this box was $98!  If you would like to sign up, I will leave my referral link below. Just click it and it will take you to sign up, here!

Saturday, May 23, 2015 is it worth the investment?

   I've been looking into getting my beauty room in order, looking for odds and ends to make it more beauty-friendly. I was approached by a company rep from to review a print, any print of my choice. Of course, I chose a lipstick print. I just knew it would look gorgeous in my beauty room! As you can see below, I love it!

 I thought it was quite beautiful, and fitting for a beauty room.You can customize it for your self.  You can choose the backing and matting, whatever colors you want. You can even choose the frame and the glass. I chose the red over white, since the lipstick is red. It is a well built art print. It's sturdy, the metal frame isn't sharp around the edges, and it's lightweight so it can be hung just about anywhere. It even comes with these fancy metal wires, so you can hang it properly.
I am absolutely in love with this wall art. I can't wait to buy a few more, as they have an array of choices. Nearly anything you can imagine, they probably have it available-from makeup to movies, sports, actors. It really is a vast list. If you want to check out other lipstick prints (or makeup related prints) click here! But beware, you're going to want to buy all of them. 
I just can't get over the professional quality they put into this wall art. Not to mention their customer service team rocks.  If you're wondering if you should try them out, YES YOU SHOULD! :) They have amazing products at affordable prices that fit any budget, and they work with you to make your print the best possible for you. 

**Per FTC rules, this was a sponsored post. I did receive this product for review in exchange for my honest opinion.** 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Big Gay Ice Cream book review

   I love ice cream, and we eat it year round. As you can imagine the cost adds up fairly quick. We decided to compromise and attempt making our own ice cream. Upon receiving Big Gay Ice Cream by Bryan Petroff and Douglas Quint forward by Anthony Bourdain, I realized that delicious treats would no be too hard a task after all. Firstly, look at this book. It's beautiful!
It reads like a yearbook, which was interesting. It follows Bryan and Douglas throughout their relationship and into buying and running an ice cream truck. 
There are simple recipes from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, to complicated recipes like rocky road and Bea Arthur chunky ice cream (all of which sound delectable.) There are instructions on how to make toppings and sauces, even their well known "awesomesauce".
   We tried our hand at making plain chocolate.  It looked more like poo, but it was creamy and yummy. 
If you want to find out more about this book, click here.
If you're curious to know more about the authors, click here.

**I received this book free to review for my honest opinion from Blogging for Books**

Friday, May 1, 2015

Go Ahead & Like It by Jacqueline Suskin

   I used to write, so much that it consumed my days. I actually passed 6th grade English only attending class 1 day a week. The rest of the week my teacher gave me a pen and a notebook and sent me about the campus writing about what I saw. Eventually life happened, and I wrote less and less, but the writer in me is still there somewhere.
  Go Ahead & Like It by Jacqueline Suskin has opened a door for me to begin writing again. My writers block is melting away like an ice cream sandwich left in the sun.  This book is perfect for those with writers block, or those who just want a little inspiration to write. There are 72 pages of reasons you should write lists, and photos of other's lists to give you an idea of where to begin.

   Each list starts with "I Like", and offers a way to come out of our shells and really think about the things we like /dislike about ourselves or our lives. I believe when we discover these, we can work on ourselves a little more on a deeper level to correct what we don't like and turn it into a positive.
   Jacqueline offers a unique perspective on writing, and I honestly couldn't put this book down until I finished it! Make sure you have a pen and pad ready when you begin reading it, you may feel inspired to write your own!  If you'd like a little more info on the book, click here! More info about poet and author Jacqueline Suskin, click here!
    I'm including a list of my own below, in case you're wondering what I could possibly like. <3 

**I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.**

Monday, April 20, 2015


 This is my entry into the Nyx Face Awards 2015. If you're taking the time to read this, click the video and give it a thumbs up! <3 Likes  =  Votes! I need quite a few votes to make it to the top 30, but with your help I'm sure I can get there. Enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Sweetapolita Bake Book!

   Who doesn't like sweets? I know I do, but what I love most is making them. It can be challenging, but rewarding if you stick with learning how to decorate them properly. Insert The Sweetapolita Bake Book by Rosie Alyea. 
It is chock full of photos (75!) on ways to decorate cakes and cookies. It tells you every single thing you need to create a beautiful artful masterpiece that is fully edible of course. From edible markers, to gold leaf, there are so many things we can use to decorate our desserts. 
My favorite part of this book is the recipes for cakes from scratch. Store bought cakes are good, and pre-made cake mixes are good, but there's a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment when we can make a cake from start to finish all by ourselves! Don't you think? 
Another fun thing about this particular book is the recipe for making your own sprinkles. Why in the world did I never think of that?!
If you want to create your own masterpiece, you need this book. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, and the pictures are a great help too. If you would like a bit more info on the book, click here!  More infor on the Author? Click here!

**I received this book from BloggingForBooks for review purposes.**

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden- By Karen Newcomb

     I grew up on a farm, so gardening and planting are in my blood somewhere deep down. I watched my grandparents sun up to sun down slaving in the gardens to make sure we had enough to eat. I had no idea the value they were instilling in us, teaching us to grow food. I found this book recently, The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb, And it was a delight to read.
      Not everyone sits on a 10 acre farm with ample land to plant whatever they wish. Fact is, most of us don't even live in the country anymore. We're surrounded by "progress" and buildings as far as the eye can see-with nowhere to plant anything. That's where this book comes in handy.
This nifty little book goes on to explain how to grow 200 pounds worth of veggies in a 5ft by 5ft garden, respectively. There are multiple photos for reference as to where to put which seed/plant for maximum outcome. It explains how to make a 4ft by 4 ft garden as well, and tells each type of veggie and fruit and when they should be planted to yield the most fruitful crop. (No pun intended.) 
    This book takes you from planning your garden and what you want it to look like, to actually planting, growing, and harvesting all of it. Probably the best part of the book is that chapter that explains how to keep away pests from your new-found growth, and in ways that are healthy to the consumer and the plants. 
  All in all, this book is pretty amazing if you're wanting to grow a little food for your family. My husband and I have talked about growing one ourselves, and donating the food grown to the local charities in our town. 
For more info on this book, go here! Want to know more about the author? Go here!

**I received this book in exchange for review from

Thursday, March 19, 2015

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils (False Lash Effect) review

Thanks to Influenster I was one of so many chosen to try the new YSL False Lash Effect Mascara! I was so excited to receive and review it. 
It comes in a beautiful gold tube. I received the black color, although I would have been happy with any of them. The wand itself is pretty flexible, which is new to me. 
I tried it on one eye, to see if I could tell a difference and was blown away. I've used fiber mascaras (and love them), but this one did a lot of lengthening in just one coat. 

  The side with the heart is the side I used the YSL on. I used nothing on the other side. Even with my hooded eyes I could tell a huge difference. It even has a pleasant smell! 
  All in all, I would definitely buy this mascara again. I adore the length I got, and hope I don't run out soon. Ha! 
  You can grab your own at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and a few other places.
 I received this mascara free from Influenster

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Punch Bowls and Pitcher Drinks book review!

    I recently read Punch Bowls & Pitcher Drinks recipes for BIG-BATCH COCKTAILS by: Jeanne Kelley and Sarah Tenaglia. I want to start off by saying that I assumed this book was about summertime punches for picnics and outings, but found out the old saying is true, you can't judge a book by its cover!
     Beautiful isn't it? I was pleasantly surprised that around 90% of the recipes were of the adult kind. I myself like to pretend I'm a bartender when entertaining guests, so the ideas of some of these drinks resonated with me. These ladies took their time with this book, and it shows. It's well written and easy to follow, leaving nothing to the imagination. You can find out more about the authors here. 
     There are 112 pages that cover everything from (diy) simple syrups, to mixology mastery. I would have never thought up some of the combos that are present here, but I loved reading of things I would not have tried in a million years. There are beautiful photos distributed throughout the book, and many side notes and tips. This book can have you whipping up concoctions that would have the neighborhood parties envious of your drink making skills. Each one is beautiful in its own right. 
     I for one am a big fan of the Tropicolada drink. It's a mix of bananas, ice, mango, rum, pineapple juice, sweetened cream of coconut, and a few other twists. It is to die for! 
   To find out more about this book, go here!
And remember, alcohol is for those 21 and up! PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY! 

** I received this book for review from bloggingforbooks in exchange for my honest opinions.**

Friday, March 6, 2015

Kicking Cancer's Ass!---with photos *Graphic Photo at the end of this post*

   I was 29 years old, and scared shitless! How else are you supposed to feel when you're diagnosed with breast cancer? Before diagnosis I was a lively 29 year old, long hair-good complexion. I loved life and I worked all the time because I loved my job as a CNA more than any job I'd ever had. I took this selfie at said job, not knowing I would not look this way for long.
Funny how life changes so fast. Just months after taking this I started chemo. Actually the day I was diagnosed (Stage 2a Highly Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the left breast, with some lymph node involvement), I cut my hair short. And the week after my 2nd treatment I shaved it bald. 

  I knew it would be hard, or at least I assumed as much from what I've seen in the movies. First up was the "Red Devil", also known as Adriamicin. It was literally red, like cherry kool-aid. I also had to start take the chemo drug Cytoxin at the same time. The ice cold chairs were so uninviting, but they gave me enough benedryl, I went right to sleep. I did 4 rounds of it, and was scared the whole time because Adriamicin is bad stuff. You can only get so much in a lifetime because it weakens your heart over time. It can also cause Leukemia in the future. So that's comforting right? 
   After that, I did 12 rounds of Taxol. It wasn't so bad. My hair even started coming back in with that one. 
I finished that awful mess in September of 2014. I was so stoked to be done with that part of it. My oncologist recommended radiation, and I recommended a new oncologist. There was no way I was adding radiation to my heart on top of the chemicals I already weakened it with. I'm too young to be dead. Fast forward to January 16, 2015. Only a month before I turned 31, I opted for a double mastectomy, because radiation was not an option for me. I was being proactive for my own health, and I never had huge boobs to begin with so what would having them cut off hurt? I came home the day after surgery, felt like I was on top of the world. I was so thankful and felt so alive. It's crazy how invigorating it is, to take victories away from this disease. I came home with tubes hanging from my body, those were gross and semi painful, but aside from that I was never really in any discomfort.  Now, eventually I will do reconstruction, I also have to have a hysterectomy because of the hormones that drive the cancer's growth in the future, but for now I'm grateful to be alive. I got the all clear a year to date after being diagnosed. January 23, 2015 I am cancer free! I'm going to post a photo of my incisions and drains below, to show that I am not ashamed of my body. It brought 4 babies into this world and was strong enough to defeat this demon. **WARNING PHOTO BELOW OF MASTECTOMY SCARS/DRAINS!** 
I thank you for taking the time to read my story. 
Cancer does not discriminate against any age or sex. 
If you feel something when doing your self check and something doesn't feel right, go to the Dr and get a second opinion! You can never be too safe. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed in their lifetime. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses

                    Spooky Eyes Contact Lens Review
    **Affiliate links included (clickable).**
    Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, 'Boy, I wish my eyes were blue instead of brown.' I have, so many times. And recently I found out that we have options, and many of them-that do not require surgery or gobs of money. Contact lenses are a great way to change your eye color, or your look in general, and most of the time they are affordable and available in non-prescription strength. I recently stumbled upon spooky eyes contact lenses website. It's a UK based company, but don't let that sway you. They have wonderful customer service and even better shipping speed. They have over 500 different types of contacts to choose from. Everything from normal lenses, to Halloween and all  out crazy lenses. These Barbie pink lenses are adorable.
   I received the Funky Manson White Out lenses around a week or so ago. I was hesitant at first to try them, because I had never tried contacts before, but after a few tutorials I put them in quite easily.
Here's me with the first one in. It was surprisingly comfortable, and the obvious color difference was amazing. As with any contact, always clean them before inserting them. Wash your hands thoroughly, and practice clean contact hygiene! Don't forget to store them away after removing them. 
Spooky Eyes Contacts   are a must have for Halloween. It would definitely boost your costume a few hundred levels, and the more normal contacts are good for subtle changes. 
I think they add to the moodiness of a good black and white photo if I do say so myself. If you want to change your look, for an affordable price to something that isn't permanent these contacts are the way to go!  I can't wait to order more. 
Happy Shopping!

**Disclaimer: I received these contacts in exchange for an honest review from EtailPRBlogger network and . All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. If you have any further questions, leave a comment! I will reply. :) 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Knot Little Books of Big Wedding Ideas

    Winter is almost over, and many couples recently got engaged with Valentine's Day not too long ago. There will probably be a buzz soon of everyone you know who knows someone whose cousin's sister is getting married. If that is in fact the case, they NEED this handy set of book from The Knot!
    There are four little books inside the sturdy cardboard housing. Each one chock full of ideas.
Whether you're writing your own vows and toast speeches or going for a more traditional route, the first book has you covered. Writer's block? With this little guide, you'll be on your way to writing Shakespearean sonnets for your betrothed.  
The vows/toasts book is probably the best out of the set. We all get nervous when we're marrying, but this guide allows us to know what works and what doesn't so we avoid putting thing into our vows or speeches that would be inappropriate for a wedding ceremony. And we all want to sound brilliant!
Details is another book in this set. Everything from invitations to place settings, even thank you cards for afterwards. You'll find so many ideas to make your day unique! 
Bouquets and Centerpieces are generally stressed about as well. Will the flowers match the color choices that were chosen, with they clash with the Bride's jewelry or makeup colors? All very important things, since the Bride needs to be the center of attention when she's walking down the aisle. The centerpiece ideas range from simple, to quirky, and even elegant decor. 
Lastly, the book about CAKES! Yummy, I love a good wedding cake. My husband and I actually made our own and it was beautiful. The cakes in this series all look as if they're done with fondant, which is lovely, but it doesn't taste all that great. Luckily, a lot of them can be replicated without fondant if you choose a design from the book.
There are over 200 photo ideas in this set of books, and each one is worth its weight in gold if it makes your big day easier to plan! If you'd like a little more info on this book/books click here!
A little more on the author (Carley Roney and editors of The Knot) click here!
   All in all, I think this is a handy set of books to have and I highly recommend them.

**I recieved these books from bloggingforbooks for review purposes. All opinions are my own.**

Perfectly Posh Anyone?

    I had never heard of Perfectly Posh up until a month or so ago, but a company promising products without harsh chemicals? I was caught hook, line, and sinker. I was invited to try a few of the products from a Perfectly Posh Rep-Kim Gaudi. She was nice enough to send me a few samples to try and offer my opinion on here on my blog. So here goes!
Beautiful to look at, isn't it? But would these products do what they say they will?
First up is MakeOut Magic Lip Scrub. It smells super sweet and tastes even sweeter! My lips needed a good scrubbing with all this winter weather, and this scrub was easy to use and yielded wonderful results. No more chapped flakes, and we all know how irritating those are! Basically, you rub it onto your lips, and it does away with the dead skin. No fuss, no messy clean up. You can wash it off, or lick it off since it is sugar based.
Next up is The good Morning Beautiful Bath Bar!It's made with Green Tea, Lemon, and Caffeine and smells divine. It's used like regular soap bars, but this one is made from healthy ingredients and helps to wake the skin up and feel refreshed! It made my skin super soft just after using the sample one time. 
The lotion/balm that I received didn't have the label name with it, but it smelled of subtle peaches and was very moisturizing for my hands. It didn't leave them all greasy either (I hate greasy lotions.) I highly recommend this for dry hands. 
Now for my favorite part!! The Sea Witch Mud Mask. Mud masks are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They detoxify the skin and leave a radiant glow. What's not to love. This one did not disappoint at all. It dried fast and didn't break my skin out. When it dried, it was almost a robin's egg blue color. Not sure if it's supposed to, but that made it more fun for me. The mask is made with algae, and there are no harsh chemicals so you can use it up to 2 times a week! It can be used on the face and neck. 
If you're interested in purchasing some of these goodies for yourself or someone you love (Mother's Day is fast approaching!) You can order directly from Kim Gaudi here! Whoever you order for will love you for it! 

**All opinions are my own**

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Q&A a day by: Potter Style Journal!

     What can be said about the Q & A a day journal by Potter Style? I will start off by saying this is NOT your ordinary boring journal. This book has a page for every single day of the year, with 5 different spaces for 5 years of writing! The edges are gilded (gold leafed) and just beautiful to look at. The book is smaller than I imagined (think palm to fingertip), but it is a good addition to any home library. It's adorning my shelves as I type.

Isn't it just the cutest little book you've ever seen? There are 365 pages of writing surface in this journal, each one dated and asking a pressing question to write about. For instance, February 17th (my birthday!) poses the question: "If you could change something about today, what would it be?" It will be interesting to see how my answers have changed over the next 5 years. Below is an excerpt from Valentine's Day, respectively.
This journal will allow you to follow your own journey through life. Maybe you will surprise yourself, when you look back and read old entries.  If you would like a little more information about the book, you can find it here. Want more info about the brilliant author? Click here. The Q & A a day journal retails for $16.99 and would make an amazing gift for anyone in your life. I hope you buy the book for yourself or someone you love, and if so let me know in the comments below how much you loved or hated it!

**I received this book for an honest review from Blogging For Books. All opinions are my own.**

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Old Factory Candles

     A girl can never have too many candles! I mean that wholeheartedly. Who doesn't love a good scent? Am I right? I was lucky enough to try the Old Factory Candles "Winter Wonderland" in the scents First snow, Hot Cocoa, and Roasted Chestnut. Each candle is 2 oz of natural soy and comes in a glass jar. They are heavily scented, and heavenly I might add. I wanted to eat the Hot Cocoa candle it smelled so nice. 
The glass is sturdy, so if you drop it chances are it isn't going to shatter. It has a good weight to it for it to be 2 oz. Each scent is crisp, and lingers in the air after the candle is snuffed out. They really are amazing candles, but don't just take my word for it. Get yourself or your valentine their own set of Old Factory Candles. You won't regret it! The packaging itself is adorable.

 All of their candles are hand poured in the USA, which is rare with most products these days. They burn for 20 hours evenly and the scent will remain intact for just as long. They have so many scents to choose from, it is hard to just pick one. 
Here is a list of all of them via links to check them out and even purchase your own!
New Born Baby  -Baby Powder, First Blanket, Baby Shampoo
Coffee Shop  - Coffee Bean, Hazelnut, Chai Tea
Fall Harvest - Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry, Autumn Leaves
Fresh and Clean - Lemongrass, Olive Blossom, Fresh Linen
Happy Holidays -Christmas Tree, Candy Cane, Gingerbread
50 Shades -Leather, Jasmine Bubbles, Vanilla Sex
Romance -Rose Petals, Champagne, Dark Chocolate
Spa Day -Cucumber, Lemongrass, Green Tea
Vacation -Sea Breeze, Hawaiian Lei, Awapuhi
Winter Wonderland -Hot Cocoa, Roasted Chestnut, First Snow
**I received these free for my honest opinion from Brandbacker**

Dead Sea Mud Mask By Insta Natural

   It seems these days facial masks are becoming all the rave, and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Companies are competing for consumers by brilliant marketing and rock bottom prices. Smart I'd say. Well, today I am testing out the Dead Sea Mud Mask by Insta Natural. It comes in a 16oz container, and premixed so you can use it instantly! It smells like your everyday mud, but it has a silkier texture and it is quite pleasant. 
And in case you're wondering about what's inside this lovely container full of beauty...
This mud comes directly from the Dead Sea, which in itself is pretty amazing. It helps to detoxify and purify your skin of all the impurities that may be lurking on or in it. You can use this product on your face or body, but never use it on your eyes, or too close to them! For obvious reasons of course.  You can use the Dead Sea Mud Mask once a week, no more than that or it could dry out your skin and potentially break you out. My skin has never felt softer. :) 
It doesn't dry super dark either, but basically you apply it in a thin layer all over face (or body), let it dry (no more than 15 minutes!) then wash it off with warm water using warm circular motions. It is really simple to use, and the results are fantastic. Your skin will thank you for using it! If you want to get some for yourself, you can order it here: Get my own Dead Sea Mud Mask! 

**I received this product free for an honest an honest and unbiased review from**