Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden- By Karen Newcomb

     I grew up on a farm, so gardening and planting are in my blood somewhere deep down. I watched my grandparents sun up to sun down slaving in the gardens to make sure we had enough to eat. I had no idea the value they were instilling in us, teaching us to grow food. I found this book recently, The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb, And it was a delight to read.
      Not everyone sits on a 10 acre farm with ample land to plant whatever they wish. Fact is, most of us don't even live in the country anymore. We're surrounded by "progress" and buildings as far as the eye can see-with nowhere to plant anything. That's where this book comes in handy.
This nifty little book goes on to explain how to grow 200 pounds worth of veggies in a 5ft by 5ft garden, respectively. There are multiple photos for reference as to where to put which seed/plant for maximum outcome. It explains how to make a 4ft by 4 ft garden as well, and tells each type of veggie and fruit and when they should be planted to yield the most fruitful crop. (No pun intended.) 
    This book takes you from planning your garden and what you want it to look like, to actually planting, growing, and harvesting all of it. Probably the best part of the book is that chapter that explains how to keep away pests from your new-found growth, and in ways that are healthy to the consumer and the plants. 
  All in all, this book is pretty amazing if you're wanting to grow a little food for your family. My husband and I have talked about growing one ourselves, and donating the food grown to the local charities in our town. 
For more info on this book, go here! Want to know more about the author? Go here!

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