Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lake City Amusement Park *Guntersville, Alabama*Opens April of 2016

              Lake City Amusement Park
      Opening April of 2016 in Guntersville, Alabama. 
(Not a ride at this park, used as example)
Lake City Amusement Park is located at 302 Reed Rd. in Guntersville, Alabama. This 70 acre park is going to bring a great deal of revenue to the area, while offering an amazing time for families. There are a good mixture of Thrill rides and Kiddie rides alike. Some of these thrill rides include:
Giant Wheel
This huge Ferris Wheel contains 18 different Gondolas for people to ride in, and an impressive LED light show. 
Zero Gravity
This ride allows you to spin around fast enough to achieve "zero gravity" all while the rider is in a standing position.
The Frenzy is a giant swing that sways 40 feet above the ,midway, offering an interesting view and a good deal of a rush!
Pirate Ship
Swing and sway on this beautiful ship piloted by a wild pirate and a beautiful enchanted mermaid at the hull.  
Cliff Hanger
The cliff hanger allows the rider to lay flat (as if they're really hang gliding) while the ride spins and swoops. This is probably my favorite ride!
This ride swings you around 65 mph in semi circles and makes for quite the fun ride if you enjoy fast and thrilling rides!
The Fireball is basically a giant ring (think roller coaster that only goes in circles!) that spins you to 40 feet in the air and back around many times.  Make sure to hold onto your hat!
There are also Kiddie Rides for those who are too tiny for the thrill rides. They are as follows:
Puppy Roll
The Puppy Roll has four puppies that you can be seated in as it rotates in circles, all the while you are in control of how much spin happens in your individual puppy!
Orient Express
This adorable Oriental Dragon mini-coaster is fun for kids and parents alike. It's just like a roller coaster, only mini for the little ones to enjoy some amusement park fun!
The quads are probably the best kiddie ride in my opinion. They come equipped with real horns and lights! Who doesn't love noise makers? Especially when you get to ride without the fear of getting dirty! 
(A reflection of the Orient, The Wheel, and the Area 51)
Let's not forget food! The best part of an Amusement Park is always the food. From savory treats to sweet delights, there's something for everyone at Lake City Amusement Park! 
There will be a Water Park built in the future as well, something else to look forward to! If you'd like more information on the park, you can visit their facebook page here! You can also visit their beautifully created website here!  So, check it out and spread the word! A new family fun adventure will be here soon!

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