Sunday, November 23, 2014

GIVEAWAY!! Limited Edition 1Direction Make Up Tins!

I must say-as a mom of a tween-these makeup tins are something special. Everyone knows who one direction is, whether we secretly know them all by name, or we sing their lyrics in the shower. Girls love boy bands, and makeup. Combining chart toppers such as these with a makeup collection, well that's just brilliant marketing! 
There are 5 sets (one for each band member) of makeup. These are available November 15th at SearsUSA, KMart, Target, and Wal Mart Canada. This line is a product of .

These LIMITED EDITION makeup collectors time all include the following:
*Eye Shadows*
-Nobody Compares- metallic silver
-Tell Me A Lie- metallic pink
-Same Mistakes- metallic mint
-I Would- smokey brown shimmer
-Summer Love- smokey purple haze
-Everything About You- smokey black shimmer
*Eye Pencil*
-I Want- true matte black
*Lip Gloss*
-Loved You First- bubble gum pink
-One Thing- frosted pink ice
-Irresistible- shimmering pearl
 -Heart Attack- creamy rose shine
*Lip Gloss Top Coat*
-Over Again - silver glitter sparkle
*Nail Varnish*
-Stole My Heart- magenta pink sparkle
-Alive- multicolored glitter sparkles

The boys put a lot of work into creating a nice makeup line for teen girls and young women. 

Here is a swatch of the eye shadows without primer. 


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