Monday, January 5, 2015

Christopher Hart's Monstrously Funny Cartoon book review!

   Christopher Hart is a well known world wide author via the art of drawing. He simplifies the often over complicated explanation of drawing into terms anyone can follow. Even if you can't draw a stick figure, after utilizing the instructions from his book Monstrously Funny Cartoons, you too will be drawing zombies and other fascinating creatures just like the pros!
   This brightly colored book catches your attention, and the fabulously simple instructions will keep you intrigued.
   With 160 pages of how-to-draw this adorably creepy creatures, there are many creations to choose from.I received this book for my honest opinion/review from www.blogging for My honest and humble opinion is as follows: this is the best how-to-draw book I have ever read. I'm not an artist and drawing is not my forte, but with Christopher Hart's instruction, I can draw like nobody's business! And best of all, my kids are enjoying using this book as well. This book is very affordable and well worth every penny. Need more convincing? Check out more info at 

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